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  • Free Standing LCD Advertising Display Market Has Great Potential


    Along with the digital signage application property continues to highlight, and its original independent industry characteristics more blurred, and the free standing LCD advertising display, as a specific application form, has become a typical representative of digital signage applications different from other commercial display application. Especially in the retail industry, the application of vertical advertising display is regarded to pioneer penetration of digital signage applications. Based on this, many digital signage enterprises have increased investment in this field.

    Free standing LCD advertising display has great application potential.

    Flexible and safe, stable and highly compatible with retail application demand.These ideas of digital marketing are based on the traditional, free standing advertising machine has very strong adaptability to the complexity application environment of public places, such as vertical LCD advertising display mostly adopts aluminum alloy and toughened glass as the shell, integration design, effective dustproof, avoiding man-made scratch, to ensure the display unit operating safely and stably in the densely populated environment.

    At the same time, the retail industry, because of the user population dispersion and wide range of application, resulting in personalized application characteristic of the market becomes very prominent, and the vertical advertisement display has the flexibility and the application needs to maintain a high degree of fit, which is one of important reasons in increasing of retail customers

    Compared with the wall mounting type LCD display which need fixed position, vertical advertisement display mostly installed more flexibly, can meet the needs of the application of personalized retail industry users better.Moreover, based on the precondition of the flexibility, in the interaction,vertical advertising display shaping the success of the very "down to earth"interaction, greatly enhance the cost performance.

    In practical application, the free standing vertical advertising display not only can be placed flexibly, but also has highly adjustable, which can make users adjust timely according to the demand of application, making the operation convenient maximum, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of the application. Such as, in business applications, vertical LCD advertising display can better integrate into the interactive link, including product independent query and promotional information acquisition, and even coupon printing.

  • Where do we install Management Software?

    The management soft which used to create advertising content can be installed on the server or a separate computer, both is ok. But we recommend a separate computer for management software installation if you run many LCD display units like 100 pcs or more through the internet.

  • Can the LCD advertising display act as a giant mobile phone

    Yes, the LCD display unit with android o/s can plug and play with SIM card and be used as a mobile phone to communicates with central sever , serving content over 3G.

  • Do I have to buy separate server for network LCD display or any computer with more than specified requirements can work as server?

    Any computer can be used as server, just install the software provided by us in the computer. One management software is used to create advertising content, the other software is installed in the computer, then the computer can be used as server.

  • Is the display player will be compatible to run on other industry software?

    Our LCD display player unit comes with windows, android or linux O/S. If the display unit comes with windows or android O/S, then you can run on other industry software. If it comes with linux, then you can only use the software provided by us.

  • Security – any unique features to protect the LCD display unit? including IR lock out, controls on the front of the display can be locked while additional buttons for other functions are usually hidden to prevent unauthorized access.

    There is no buttons on the display unit, we use a remote controller to control the advertising content if it's standalone display or control the advertising content through server if it's 3G or WiFi display.

    We have a anti-theft lock at the back of the display which can prevent the SD card or other components from being stolen or revised. Please see below photo.


  • LCD and Plasma screens creates so much heat, Does these LCD screen have better heat dissipation with fans and other methods to prolong it’s life, even when run 16-24 hours a day?

    All advertising display uses LCD Screen, and we have two ways for these LCD screens to prolong it's life, one is to reduce the heat produced by the display unit itself by using LED as back light, as we have LED and CCFL for back light, and LED produce less heat that CCFL. LED has a longer lifespan than CCFL. Lifespan for LED is 50000 hours, but CCFL only gets 6000 hours. The other is that we install each display with fans or air condition for heat dissipation.

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