100CPS Dimethyl Silicone Oil

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This product is a line type polydimethylsiloxane silicone fluid which takes the trimethylsilanolate as end group.

100CPS Dimethyl Silicone Oil

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100CPS Dimethyl Silicone Oil

This product is a line type polydimethylsiloxane silicone fluid which takes the trimethylsilanolate as end group.
  • 100CPS Dimethyl Silicone Oil
  • 100CPS Dimethyl Silicone Oil

Product Feature:

**With very good heat resistance, oxidative resistance, and low temperature resistance, which can be used under -50℃-+180℃;

**Strong anti-shearing, 20times above compressibility than the ordinary mineral oil, it’s a good liquid spring;

**Low viscosity-temperature coefficient, low vapor pressure, low surface tension and good hydrophobicity and lubricity;

**Excellent electrical characteristics, like high anti breakdown voltage, Arc Resistance, Corona Resistance and small dielectric consumption;

**With good light transmission and no harm to human body.


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Main Quality Standard

HG/T 2366-92


Transparent liquid




















Flash Point (℃)



















Solidifying Point











This silicone oil is widely applied in divisions like industrial manufacture, national defense, scientific research and Medical treatment and public health, for electrical insulation, demoulding, defoaming, damping shake proof, hydraulic pressure, dustproof, waterproof and high low temperature lubrication.

1. Be lubricant. It’s suitable for lubrication of rubber, plastic bearing, gear, also be able to lubricate machines and fine instrument under high low temperature condition. Silicone Oil that contains special additive can also be used as wear-resisting and extreme-pressure lubrications 

2. Be surface treating agent. Take around 10% of the silicone oil liquor or cream and smear it onto the surface of glass, ceramic and metal, after heat treatment under 150-300℃, there will produce a semi-permanent waterproof, mould-proof and insulative firm on those surfaces. It can also be used for waterproof treatment for paper, leather, building materials and texile.

3. Be de-foaming agent. This is the defoamer with the widest applied range with strong defoaming ability, high heat resistance, non-volatile, high chemical stability, no mould and safety. It’s widely used in fossil oil, chemical industry, textile printing, painting, pharmacy, tanning, fermentation, and food etc. With addition of 1O--1OOPPM the silicone oil will bring a good de-foaming effect.

4. Be de-moulding agent. It’s widely used in plastic molding and processing, rubber processing, metal casting, papermaking, glassworks, fiber and food industry with advantages like strong de-moulding ability, high surface accuracy of objects, less dosage by one painting for repeated usage. It’s safety, clean, odor free and non-toxic. Take around 0.5-2.5% of the silicone liquor or cream, smear it on the mould surface, then give the mould a heat a little bit than the molding processing temperature and then it’s ready for use.

5. Be additive. Add a little bit the silicone oil into painting, rubber, paraffin, resin and similar kind materials, it will obviously enhance their waterproofness, radiance, inoxidizability, and also improve their processability. For example, add some silicone oil into oil paint, it will make the paint crease proof, non-creeping and improve its brightness.

6. Application in medical treatment.  Its defoaming property makes it could be used as medicament in treatment of pulmonary edema and bouffant, also used as defoamer in artificial heart-lung machine. The unguent and protective agent that use silicone oil as base dose are be able to enhance its cuticular permeability to human skin, which has good curative effect to scald, dermatitis, and bedsore. Vessels that be surface treated by the silicone oil will have the anticoagulation effect, which will also prolong the time of storage of blood sample. Pastille made up with silicone oil added will have moisture resistance which will prolong the pesticide effect.

7. Be insulation medium. The silicone oil is wide used in electrical machine, electrical equipment and

electronic device, as their insulation medium for heat resistance, electrical arc resistance, corona

resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture proof, and dust proof. And now it’s also used transformer oil

and capacitor oil, which can transformer shrink its size, enlarge its power, enhance safety and without


8. Be antibunt oil. It’s widely used for torsional vibration in instrument, isolation damper, shock bumper, and automobile engine, used as bumper liquor for anti-rattler, overload relay, circuit breaker, and also used as shakeproof absorbent oil for ampere meter, speedometer of automobile and plane. To use the silicone oil as liquor spring, its small volume and light weight make it be able to bear a big impact force in a wide temperature range, a ideal shake absorbent agent for undercarriage of airplane or guided missile.

9. Other Applications. 201 Simethicone also can be used as heat exchange system of hyperthermal bath & heat carrier, precise instrument and meter, which is used to make telegraphing preventing agent of dry-type copying machine and other lustering agents. Use this silicone oil in thread head processing, can eliminate static electricity, and enhance the threading quality. Add some oil into cosmetics will upgrade the skin care and moistening effect.


Packing, Storage and Transportation

1. Stock the silicone oil in clean, sealed containers with no lead or made by tin alloy. Avoid contact with acid, alkali or other impurities.

2. Do not contact with open fire.

3. It can stock and transport as non-dangerous goods.

4. Storage life be 1year under #1 storage condition. Over a year please re-examine it, if tested be qualified, it still be able to use.

5. Packing: 200kgs per Iron plastic bucket or 1000kgs per plastic bucket.

100CPS Dimethyl Silicone Oil

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